Julia Keathley

Julia has been into fitness since she started ballet at the age of 8.  It has simply evolved from there.  She started with teaching aerobics with her first certification in 1976.  From there she got involved in bodybuilding at the age of 41 and competed for the next few years ending competitions at the age of 50 while personal training throughout.  Now at the age of 61 she has been blessed to have gained experience from many aspects, including working with and training chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, tai chi masters, dancers and learning from many others.  She is strict about body mechanics and safety so her clients and students can continue to exercise throughout their life time.

Her motto is "working from the inside out".  The more you focus on the inside and think about how your body is working the outside will just happen, much like life itself. 

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