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About VacuStep

This is a pretty bold claim, and as such, should be backed by very bold proof. And it is. It has been featured in both regional and national news programs (FOX) and is currently offered at dozens of locations all over the USA, and is the fastest growing segment of the beauty and fitness industry. In short: It simply works, and we will show you how.

First, understand that the VacuStep program isn't magic. It requires the client to visit your fitness facility 5 days a week for a month, followed by weekly maintenance visits. They will spend about 30 minutes per day doing a light workout on an elliptical trainer in a very special and patented device, first created in Germany a few years ago. They need not break a sweat, but they must stick to the program, and the results are guaranteed. This is not a simple elliptical trainer, but a sophisticated machine that uses the latest breakthrough in cosmetic and physical science.


 VacuStep will reduce the appearance of cellulite

The problem with the current method of losing weight in the thighs and hips are simple  They don't work. Even the most dedicated gym fanatic is not happy with "saddlebags" and cellulite. This is particularly true with women who have had children. No matter how hard they try, it is just too difficult to get slim in these problem areas. And because working out is so difficult, most quit soon after they begin.

VacuStep is the non-surgical alternative to liposuction

You will begin seeing results within 2 weeks, and they get better over time. Firmer skin and trimmer legs and thighs, all without expensive surgery.


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The VacuStep system is for healthy women who need help in those problem areas such as the hips and thighs. Most of your tanning bed customers are the exact people who would benefit from the VacuStep system: VacuStep customers are typically in average to good physical condition, but need help in the problem areas.

For over 95% of women, they can achieve the results they are looking for with VacuStep without expensive and risky surgery.


VacuStep works 

Now comes the VacuStep system, and the science and client history prove it works. It is based on the proven concepts that reduce the appearance of cellulite. This takes a combination of light exercise, done in a reduced and regulated atmosphere, while drinking the right fluids, and performed within a proper schedule. Inside the VacuStep is a special elliptical system. A special fitting on the system creates an airtight seal around the client, and the machine applies a controlled and variable reduction in atmosphere to increase the blood flow. It is this patented, yet simple combination that gets remarkable results with minimal effort by the client.


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